The Move pt. II

So….It’s been a year since I’ve written and living in Mount Dora has had a lot of ups and downs. There have been so many crazy things that have happened, I won’t even try to get into it all. I’ll just do an overview:

1. My grandfather now pays for my home internet, and thank God because I don’t know what I’d do without my daily Netflix and the ability to do homework at 4am.

2. Will and I started dating, I truly thought he and I would get married, and then we broke up and I’m trying not to think about it.

3. That Tim guy next door moved out and new guy, Jimmy, moved in. He and I became pretty close friends, until I let one of his friends stay with me, I kicked her out, she now lives with him, and they have their own little soap opera going on. He is now dealing cocaine out of the house.

4. I adopted a dog, PJ, who is also APBT like Petey. She is tan and white and so well-behaved and has absolutely no issues (other than occasionally getting too hyper and trying to eat my underwear). She will be taking over as my service dog after Petey retires in the upcoming months.

5. I have until the end of tomorrow, February 28th, to try and find a new place to live. I decided not to renew my lease here in search of something cheaper and closer to work/school/home. The search has been fruitless, thus far.

Those are the more important notes from the past year. Throw in some doctor/hospital visits, a couple of temporary second jobs, 3 finished TV series, a couple road trips to GA, and a pretty well-accomplished school semester and that is the jist of the past 12 months of my life. As you can see, I’m a pretty boring person.

Back to my original point of this post, I am moving again! Yay! Except for the fact that I now have 3 dogs (Pup, Petey, PJ), 2 of which are pits, and everything is SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. I am trying to move to Casselberry-Maitland-Winter Park area so that I’m closer to the kids and work and school and whatnot, and everything is like $1500 over there!! I figure since I’ll be saving so much money on gas that I can afford to bump my rent up to maybe $1000, but even finding something near that price is just ridiculously difficult. After my follow-up EKG at the doctor in a few hours, I’ll try to view a couple homes I’ve found and get a lease going. Wish me luck!